DET Emergency Management: Advice to Parents

From the Department Education and Training:


Children and young people will have seen and heard about the terrorist attacks that have occurred in France.


The authorities in France and countries around the world will help to support the people who have been impacted by these events.


Children often worry and know more than we realise. Adults may assume that children are doing okay if they don’t talk or ask questions about what has happened.  Sometimes they have questions they may not ask unless we provide the opportunity. 


Most children and young people will experience normal reactions to something that is distressing and with support from trusted adults around them these reactions will subside.


Routines are important when an event like this occurs. School can be very useful to support all children and young people.


Remember sometimes teachers and parents feel like we don’t have the answers.  It is helpful to remind children and ourselves that there are people working hard to make the current situation better.


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