Parking Around the School

Street Parking

Street parking is available along Stanley Parade, Salisbury Street and Sebastapol Street. Please be courteous to our surrounding residents, when parking, dropping or collecting students from school - obey parking signs and do not park in or over driveways. We ask that you leave enough time to drop off and pick up children in a safe and legal manner.

Please also give particular attention to how children alight from cars and come to meet you. If both the home and school emphasise obeying road rules and safety procedures, our children will make a habit of responsible behaviour. 


Two Minute Zone – ‘Kiss N Go ’

The ‘Kiss N Go’ zone on Stanley Street is where parents can quickly drop and collect their children - WITHIN A TWO MINUTE TIME FRAME. This is NOT a parking area - you are NOT allowed to park (or Double Park) and wait or leave your car. If you need to walk your child in or spend more time at school, you must park in one of the surrounding streets, in a legal parking area (and not over driveways). 

The times of operation for the two minute parking bays (as reflected by the signage) are 8.30am-9.15am and 3.00pm-4.00pm on school days. The Glen Eira City Council By-laws Officers visit our school on a regular basis and issue fines to those who do not comply with these regulations. We also encourage all families to contact Glen Eira Council if you have a traffic complaint on 9524 3333. 

Please help us to keep our streets safe, by not causing congestion in the area of our school crossing. This area is for the convenience of our whole school population - please think of others when you use this facility. 


Use of Staff Car Parks

In the interest of safety, parents and students are NOT permitted to access the school through the staff car parks on Stanley Street and Salisbury Street before or after school. Staff car parks are out of bounds to all pedestrian and motor traffic other than staff themselves. There are multiple pedestrian paths/access points to facilitate SAFE entry to our school. 


Glen Eira Council By-laws Officers

In response to parent feedback we have asked the Glen Eira City Council to maintain a vigilant eye on our school parking restrictions. Council parking inspectors are always on the look-out for people who park illegally when dropping off and collecting children. Marked/unmarked cars patrol our streets noting the registration number of any vehicle that breaks the law at ‘No Stopping’ and ‘No Standing’ signs. This notice of intent should be taken very seriously, as fines will be issued (either directly or through the post) by those people who do the wrong thing. 

We ask for your assistance in helping us to maintain a safer, more user friendly school parking environment. Please contact Glen Eira Council on 9524 3333 if you have a traffic complaint. 


Children in Cars

Never leave children in cars unsupervised. The inside of a car is much hotter than the ambient temperature of the day outside and can heat up very quickly, causing dehydration.