Student Leadership


Student Leadership at Caulfield Junior College




Student Leadership provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the decision-making processes at Caulfield Junior College. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles to increase their own leadership skills and to act as effective role models for the student body.

All 5/6 students have an authentic leadership role. The year 5/6 teachers worked with students during 1st term to ensure all students are part of a leadership group and that the group is more than words on a page.  Leadership teams meet weekly to develop projects that can be actioned, for example improving the vegetable garden. The year 5/6 Student Leadership Program is something for students in P-4 to aspire and look forward to as they transition through the school. 

Aims To provide learning experiences that promotes student leaders.

•To capitalise on existing leadership qualities in students.

•To develop responsibility, self-esteem and resilience.

•To promote social justice awareness.

•To assist in the development of effective citizenship

•To ensure that student leaders are positive role models for other students

•To provide opportunities for students to play a significant and effective role in the decision-making processes of the school.


•The nomination of student leaders will occur according to the agreed election process flowchart

•Nominated student leaders will take on specific responsibilities as set out in student leader election process

•Student leaders will be available for further duties as requested by the Principal, Assistant Principal and Team Leader

•A staff mentor will be nominated annually

•Requests from other staff regarding student leader responsibilities will be referred to the Team Leader

•Student Leadership meetings will occur twice a term

•Informal meetings will occur as requested by individuals

•Instruction in Student Leadership will occur through formal and informal contacts

•A Student Representative Council will be constituted annually

•A staff member will be nominated annually to lead and support the SRC

Involvement with state-wide leadership programs will be sought








2017 Student Leaders

School Captains

Ruben Stein Fooks

Mila Jennings

School Vice Captains

Samuel Francou

Angelina Robin Sesova

Hume House Captains

Ezra Bloch

Gabriel De Meneval

Lucien Kelly (Vice Captain)

Sturt House Captains

Teddy Friend

Oliver Sudarski

Jethro Stein Fooks (vice Captain)

Cook House Captains

Gus David

Nelson Hardy

Quinn Cooper (vice captain)

Flinders House Captains

Amelie Mansfield

Felix Stock

Ben Sayag (vice captain)

Administration Officers

Noa Levy

Tess Hermelin

Elodie Walmsley

Environmental Leaders

Jessica Karpisek

Varya Pekarin

French Liaisons

Alex De Meneval

Làli Issautier

SRC Leaders

Luke Dussuyer

Orleanna Murray de Brossard

Prep Liasons

Paige Cau-Cecile

Annabella Plano

Jonah Ariel

Liam Dal Pra

Multimedia Leaders

Bjorn Steguweit

Nadav Lowinger

Archie Halliwell

Sylvie Howard