October 2016


School uniform at Caulfield Junior College is Compulsory.  Your child is requested to wear it for the following reasons:

  • The school uniform helps to promote a strong sense of unity and instils in students pride in themselves and their school.
  • School uniform minimises “clothing fads”.
  • Wearing school uniform assists in developing the culture of the school and maintaining a good public image.
  • School uniform is cost effective. 


P.S.W. Website - http://www.psw.com.au/


Primary School Wear (PSW) have added plain navy blue acrylic beanies to our school uniform list as of June 2017.  Price is $7.95 each.

They are at: Unit 1, 596 North Road, Ormond, VIC, 3204.  Ph: 9768 0387


Girls Warm Weather Uniform:


Short sleeve dress in navy, white and emerald check pattern.  Please note that navy bicycle shorts may be worn discreetly underneath the summer dress. (Leggings worn under the dress are not permitted).


Navy or emerald short sleeve polo shirt with school logo.


Choice of navy culottes or unisex navy shorts (gabardine or rugby knit styles).


Navy slouch hat with emerald school logo.  SCHOOL HATS ARE COMPULSORY FROM 1ST OF SEPTEMBER UNTIL THE END OF APRIL the following year. 


Girls Cool Weather Uniform:


Long sleeve navy or emerald polo shirt with school logo, or CJC rugby collar windcheater.


Navy bootleg pants, navy cotton drill pants or navy tracksuit pants.  Jeans are not permitted.


Navy tunic (size 4 to 10) or skirt (size 12 and larger), worn with a long sleeve CJC polo shirt.


Choice of a bomber jacket, sleeveless polar fleece vest or rugby collar windcheater.


Girls Sports Uniform:


Female students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform to school on the day their sport subject is held. Students will be given time to change if required. Dresses are strongly discouraged for sport as movement is impeded.


Loose style navy shorts (gabardine or rugby knit school shorts) or tracksuit pants, a school polo shirt and sports shoes are recommended.


Boys Warm Weather Uniform:


Navy or emerald short sleeve polo shirt bearing the school logo.


Navy gabardine shorts or navy rugby knit shorts.


Navy slouch hat with emerald school logo. SCHOOL HATS ARE COMPULSORY IN TERMS 1 AND 4.


Boys Cool Weather Uniform:


Long sleeve navy or emerald CJC polo shirt, or CJC rugby collar windcheater.


Navy cotton drill pants or navy tracksuit pants.  Jeans are not permitted.


Choice of bomber jacket, rugby collar windcheater or sleeveless polar fleece vest.


Boys Sports Uniform:


The school polo shirt and loose shorts (gabardine or rugby knit styles) are recommended.  Male students are encouraged to wear sport shoes to school on the day their sport subject is held.  Tracksuit pants are recommended for sport in cooler weather.


Art Smocks are compulsory wear for students in the Junior School (Prep to Year 2) during art and craft activities.  They are also highly recommended for students in the senior school.  Art smocks are not provided by the school and must be suppliedby parents. Art smocks are available from P.S.W.  Many substances used at school can cause permanent staining so an art smock is a wise investment!


School bags are an optional purchase from the Uniform Shop but highly recommended.  These are ergonomically designed and competitively priced.  The 23 L bags have exterior pockets for a drink bottle and an umbrella, adjustable shoulder straps and strong zippers.  


Navy rain jackets may also be ordered from P.S.W.  The jackets do not have a school logo.  The jacket has fully sealed seams, adjustable hood and waist toggles and zip side pockets. It folds compactly into an attached bag.


Shoes:  Black or navy leather, non-slip shoes are preferred but sport shoes are also permitted.  Sandals that protect the toes and heel may be worn in hot weather.  Thongs and “crocs” are not permitted at school.


Socks:  White or navy socks or tights should be worn with the school uniform.


Hair:  It is highly recommended that long hair be tied back for safety reasons and to help prevent head lice infestation.


A Satchel (book bag) is a highly recommended purchase.  The satchel is used to safely transport library books, readers, school newsletters and student work between school and home.  Satchels may be purchased from the Front Office for $10 each.


Swimming caps are compulsory for swimming lessons. Caps bearing the CJC logo may be purchased for $5 each from the Front Office.


Swimming bags bearing the CJC logo may be purchased at the Front Office for $5 each.  A sturdy, labelled bag will help prevent the loss of your child’s bathers, swim cap and towel.


Emergency Clothing is available if your child has an accident or illness at school.  Our supplies are limited however!  If your child has the occasional accident a change of clothing (kept in your child’s schoolbag) would be a wise precaution.


Please wash and return emergency clothing promptly.  Other children are in need of it too!



Please contact P.S.W. in regards to exchange of garments.

Please note that exchange is only possible if the garment is in the same condition as at the time of purchase. It must be returned with original packaging and tags attached, no iron-on labels or names written on labels.  They will not accept garments for exchange if you have used them, stained them or they are covered in lint or hair!  

A receipt is required to indicate when the item was purchased.



It is important that all uniform garments are labelled with your child’s first name and surname to assist in their return. Your child needs to be able to recognise their own name label.  Sew-on labels and iron-on labels are preferred for this reason.  The ink from laundry markers tends to fade with washing and needs to be touched up regularly. A hand written name may be difficult for your child to read.  Please label all lunch boxes, drink bottles, satchels and school bags!


CJC has one LOST PROPERTY collection point.  It is located in the senior building outside the Uniform Shop.  Lost garments are displayed for several weeks. 



 To retain the appearance of your child’s uniform it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as stated on the label.  To extend the useful life of your child’s uniform:


-          dissolve your detergent in water before adding clothing


-          do up any buttons, snaps or zips prior to washing


-          wash garments inside out


-          wash uniform with other fabrics of similar weight to avoid excessive pilling and wear 


-          Avoid overloading your washing machine


-          wash dark colours separately from light colours


-          use the recommended settings (eg. gentle cycle,  warm wash)


-          Dry garments inside out and in the shade to minimise fading


Chlorine bleach is not recommended.  The uniform fabrics will discolour and the school logo will fade.


Art smocks and raincoats should never be washed or soaked in any form of bleach.  Wash these garments in COLD water only.  The art smock may only need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.