Transition and Orientation

Transitioning our students from one year level to the next is an incredibly important part of what we do at CJC. Our four-week transition program, which culminates with students finding out their classes and teachers for the next year, ensures students are both excited and feeling assured about their next school year.


At CJC, we focus on transition being a whole-school event. Our new Prep students visit us on several mornings.  Our current Prep to grade 5 students move up a year level on those mornings too, whilst our current grade 6 students are involved in various experiences to help prepare them with their move to high school.


Teachers plan for these sessions with the intention of both exciting students about events that they will experience in the new year, as well as providing re-assurance that, despite the natural ‘change’ of transitioning from one year level to the next, they will be supported appropriately. Teachers ensure that students mix with a variety of their peers from different classes and that they are taught by different teachers throughout the transition program.  


Having all of our students, including new students for the new year, transition to different spaces within the school requires our students to show our values of responsibility and harmony. We hope that everyone has great experiences during transition as you prepare for the new year.