From Our School Leadership Team,

This past weekend may have been my proudest moment as a member of the Caulfield Junior College community. As I approached the school last Sunday afternoon, I saw our grounds flooded with families working together. The working bee, organised by our Parents Committee, was in full flight. Parents, carers and students were working in gardens, on the oval and in our playgrounds. They were weeding, cleaning, shovelling, raking and (just as importantly) socialising together. A true community work together for the greater good of their common interest and this was evident at this event. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with everyone in attendance, as did my family who came along for a play.

As I stated at assembly on Monday, this is our standard now. We are organising a weekly ‘whole school clean-up’ and investigating other methods to ensure the ongoing maintenance of our yard. Our student environmental leaders will have a pivotal role in leading this initiative. ‘Building pride and confidence in our schools’ is a Victorian ‘Education State’ initiative and this focus will support our continued growth in this area.

An extension of this is the condition of our facilities. This is an area that requires consistent attention in all schools. We have investigated and begun to implement a variety of measures to ensure our facilities meet the needs of our students and broader community. This includes:

  • A ‘deep clean’ of all of our toilets.
  • Installation of an improved ‘air freshening’ system in our toilets.
  • Installation of improved hygiene elements, including the installation of new toilet-roll holders, hand wash, hand sanitiser and paper towel systems.
  • Servicing of all heating systems. 

All DET schools will also be soon moving to a centrally-contracted cleaning model. This gives us the opportunity to review current practice and work with the new contractor to ensure a comprehensive, high-quality clean across all learning areas.

We welcomed Ross Gardiner, Senior Provision and Planning Officer for the DET, into our school this week to further discuss our buildings and grounds. We look forward to working closely with Ross to maintain a focus on providing the best possible learning environment for our students.

I’d like to briefly address some areas to focus on for the last few weeks of Term 2:

  • We continue to have families entering and exiting the school through the staff car park. Please use one of the five exits of the school and avoid this area at all costs, no matter the time of day. Please also be respectful of staff who may remind you of this.
  • If you have any queries about the learning or wellbeing of your child, please contact your teacher via the school diary or by phone and/or email. We will always work with you to support your child/ren.
  • Please ensure class lists are used for their purpose; to organise social events, class ‘catch-ups’ etc. These lists are designed to facilitate the building of positive relationships amongst families within each class and are for adult-to-adult communication only.   

Caroline and I will spend a significant part of next week at the South-Eastern Victoria Region (SEVR) Principal Conference. I look forward to sharing practice with colleagues and listening to guest speakers who are working at the cutting-edge of education.

I hope you all enjoy a safe and enjoyable long-weekend with family and friends and look forward to seeing you upon our return next Tuesday.


Student forum

A l’occasion de la visite de Bruno Valéry, le coordonnateur de la direction de l’AEFE de la zone Asie Pacifique, une équipe d’élèves, a été chargée de préparer un forum étudiant sous la direction de Leslie. Bruno Valéry a préparé une liste de questions à l’attention de nos élèves qui seront fiers de présenter la richesse de leur programme binational mardi matin, le 12 juin, à 8h30 dans la bibliothèque. Madame la consule honoraire de Melbourne, Myriam Boisbouvier Wylie, Madame Coulbault, chargée de coopération culturelle et linguistique à l’ambassade de France de Canberra ainsi que Bertrand Guillaumond, représentant du sous-comité de la section française de Caulfield Junior College seront également présents. Bonne chance à nos élèves.