From our Students,

Year 3/4

Students in 3 / 4 have been working hard on their geography based inquiry projects. Here, Martin and Claude compare notes on England and Japan. They are now working on a tourist brochure for “Continental Jet Company”.



The Prep Corner

In Math this week, we have done surveys and investigations. We have found out which animals students were looking forward to seeing the most at Healesville Sanctuary. We have also predicted and guessed the colours of smarties in a box, and then represented the different colours in a bar graph. A lot of fun!

The Prep Team


Séance de cirque - Jeudi 7 Juin  (Circus Skills)

Un invité spécial au cirque aujourd’hui - M. Cooper! Il est venu montrer aux enfants un tour de jonglerie avec 3 balles! Bravo M.Cooper, on espère vous revoir bientôt au cirque avec nous! Merci

Les élèves de PB

Class 5C Working Bee

On Wednesday 5C conducted their own Working Bee on the vegetable gardens. The students all got stuck in to weeding and thinning out the carrots as well as replanting some silverbeet. The students have been watching these garden beds grow since Term 1, and even though the growing season has slowed down with Winter arriving, we have high hopes and hungry appetites for what we can produce next term. It was a glorious day and the students really enjoyed working in the garden. Green thumbs-up all round!



Pen Pal and Class Travel Buddy. 

The kids of 3/4 B have had to say good bye to the pen pal and class travel buddy. His name was Hamish. Hamish enjoyed coming to our specialist classes such as P.E (Physical Education), L.O.T.E (languages other than English) and Music.

Not only did Hamish enjoy his time with us but we enjoyed it just as much.

Written by Asher Chaim Goodrich

3/4 B