From Our School Leadership Team,

Schools run best with an active parent community and we are fortunate at our school to have so many parents looking to contribute to both the education of their child/ren and to the broader school community. I’d like to highlight some of these outstanding contributions and encourage everyone to participate in our upcoming events.

Today our Parent’s Committee hosted a successful Mother’s Day Breakfast and followed it with a Mother’s Day Stall. It was a pleasure to see our students spending time at our school with their family and they were delighted to purchase gifts for their special family member. The organisation behind these events is significant and we thank Mathew Thompson, Bertrand Guillaumond and Rachel Halliwell and Valeria Green for leading the logistics behind these events.

Emilie Layral has led a group of parents organising a movie event at the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick, a private screening of the movie, ‘Back to Burgundy’. Tickets include a glass of wine and nibbles and will be a great opportunity to socialise with families in our community. The event will be held on Sunday 20th May from 6:00pm and bookings must be made by this Sunday (13th May) via .

You may have seen some of our parents, led by Tegwan King, working on our gardens around the school. This has included a wonderful installation between the Year 1 and 2 Binome classrooms where we are growing different vegetables. This links to the current unit of inquiry on lifecycles that all students in Years Prep, 1 and 2 are learning about. As an extension of this, our PC are organising a Working Bee on Sunday 3rd June from 1:00pm until 4:00pm, with the purpose of continuing to improve the presentation of our school grounds.

Our parent volunteers on the committee for the Hebrew Immersion Program work with us on how to celebrate their significant cultural events throughout the year. Lara Lubitz has included some information in the newsletter today about the festival of Shavuot. We will help celebrate this with a ‘Buddy Fruit Snack’, with students invited to bring some extra fruit and a gold coin donation on Friday 18th May. All donations will be made to the ‘C Care’ organisation.

Other key upcoming events include our celebrations for Education Week:

  • 2019 Prep Enrolment Night – Tuesday 22nd May @ 7:00pm
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day – Wednesday 23rd May @ 2:30pm
  • SRC ‘Casual Dress Day’ (dress up as ‘what I want to be when I grow up’) – Thursday 24th May (gold coin donations to State Schools Relief).

Enjoy the week,




WEB Radio

Les voix de CJC sont diffusées à nouveau sur les ondes grâce à l’intervention de Leslie (assistante en grande Section) assistée de Claire Skrabal. En effet, l’objectif premier de la Web Radio est de multiplier les ateliers oraux en français. Leslie, qui travaille comme assistante tous les matins en Grande Section, a débuté, depuis le 2e trimestre, des activités l’après-midi : ateliers philo dans la bibliothèque, lecture thématique, ateliers Web Radio. Cette décision a été prise afin d’augmenter le temps d’exposition à la langue française de nos élèves. Un pas de plus en avant pour la pratique de l’oral !


En avant-première ! Le ciné-club en français de CJC a démarré cette semaine. Au programme, courts métrages de Michel Ocelot.

Ateliers philo

Vos enfants de Grande Section ont fait de la philosophie cette semaine !  Merci encore à Leslie d’avoir démarré cet atelier ! Rendez-vous tous les mercredis à la bibliothèque pour d’autres débats ardents.

Finale Berthe Mouchette

Encore bravo à tous les élèves qui ont participé aux oraux Berthe Mouchette et merci à Nathalie pour l’organisation de cet événement.  Parents, vous serez très bientôt informés de la sélection de vos enfants en finale, prévue le 24 juin prochain.

Ne ratez pas l’occasion de voir un excellent film français, « Ce qui nous lie », de Cédric Klapisch.

Rendez-vous le 20 mai à 18h00 au Classic Cinéma.