From Our School Leadership Team,

On Thursday our new electronic door in the office foyer opened on time to welcome our students, staff and families back to Caulfield Junior College for the start of the 2018 school year. All students have settled quickly into their new classes, met the new staff and toured the school to look at the new learning spaces and the improvements made to our school over the holiday break.

A very important document went home yesterday and we require all parents to understand the purpose of each page, add their signature agreeing to these important understandings and returning the completed paperwork to their classroom teacher well before February 9th.

A warm C.J.C. welcome to our new families who have chosen our school for the children to commence their learning journeys. In my office yesterday it was tough to get to my seat as I enjoyed a steady stream of visitors who came to see what the principal really does!!!

I managed to visit all classes and speak to the children about the challenges ahead, the expectations of our school and the importance of always doing your best…in and out of the classroom.

All students looked terrific with their uniforms worn proudly and this pride in our school is an important element that helps us to continue the improvement agenda for all aspects of our school.

The staff are to be congratulated for their efforts, planning and hard work to prepare their learning spaces for the year ahead. They have all updated their first aid qualifications, planned new programs and undertaken some additional work around the new direction for Caulfield Junior College. All our classes commenced according to plan and the tone of the school radiated a sense of excitement and expectation.

I would like to officially welcome our new staff.

  • Nick Wood – Year 5/6
  • Tamara Thompson – Music
  • Andree Edwards – Year 6
  • Nathalie Brown – Additional Assistance
  • Leslie Bokobza – Integration Aide
  • Leanne Robertson – Integration Aide

The selection of staff is always a challenge, but they bring new ideas, skills and abilities that add to the capacity of our teaching teams to deliver quality programs for all our students

I know for many parents that yesterday was a special day and a reason to celebrate a very important milestone.  I think we had more parents with tears in their eyes than we did with our students (I am sure they were tears of happiness!). Well done and work with your classroom teachers to build a strong and positive relationship that supports your child as they take on the challenges of learning at C.J.C.

All children must have their diaries at home each night and I would encourage families to support this practice and ensure the diary becomes an integral part of our communication at the College.

Over the holidays we have re-structured the library space, added new IT capability and our new furniture will modernise this valuable learning space. A structured learning program for all students in our library will change the way this space is used and children can only borrow if they have a library bag, satchel or cover to transport these valuable school resources safely.