From Amanda and Caroline,

French Ambassador – Christophe Penot

On Monday, the 7th of August, we were visited by the new French ambassador, Christophe Penot. He was accompanied by our French Honorary Consul, Myriam Boisbouvier.

Christophe is aware of the challenges of Binational Schools in Australia and truly appreciates the value of the program. He agreed that the French Elective is beneficial to the whole School and not only for the families and the students in the French Elective.  One of the first missions of a French School abroad is to facilitate access to the French Culture and language. He acknowledged that it is a privilege to be hosted in an Australian School and he thanks the Victorian Department of Education for its commitment to bilingual education.

Christophe confessed to us that he had never participated in an assembly before and he was delighted to be a part of our CJC bilingual Assembly.

We would like to thank Christophe for his visit and his support of our project.

We are looking forward to seeing him at school again.


 3/4 Camp at Forest Edge CYC

More than 130 students left on Wednesday morning to go to Forest Edge, a peaceful valley close to the La Trobe River. Students were excited and are having a great time. This is the first camp for some of them.



Amanda and I visited the Camp on Thursday. The weather was lovely and allowed us to appreciate the full beauty of the camp that is hidden in a range of mountains and streams.

We participated in a wooden hut activity, flying fox, making damper and climbing. We have been infused with the joy in the air and we appreciated the peace and the tranquility of the place.

National Science week – 12-20 August 2017

science week

Next week is the national Science week in Australia. The 2017 school theme is Future Earth. There will be various activities next week and some photos and student work will appear in next week’s newsletter.



Book Fair


Book week begins on Monday 19th August.   In celebration, we begin a Scholastic book fair on Thursday 17th August.  Students will visit the fair during library time and will have the opportunity to bring home a wish list. We will restrict it to 2 books on the list and if you wish to purchase one or both of them you will be able to pay on-line to Scholastic. Please remember, you do not have to purchase books. Children will be advised of this. If you do purchase books, Trudy will organize to have the books supplied to your child.  In addition to the Scholastic Book Fair, we have invited INTEXT Language International Bookshop to hold a display of French and some Hebrew books as well.  These will be available for purchase from INTEXT. This will be held for 2 days only (Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd August)

Remember, all purchases from the Scholastic Book Fair, go towards supplying books for the school. The library received over 100 new books last year.  INTEXT cannot work in the same manner, but if you would like to purchase a book for your child or one as a donation to the school that would be lovely.  If for the school, your child’s name will be recorded in the front of the book on a bookplate.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be open late for sales on Friday 18th August and Wednesday 23rd August until 5pm, for those parents who would like to visit the fair. The INTEXT Book Fair will also be held open on the Wednesday 23rd August until 5pm.  There were many parents who came along last year.

Once again, we would like this to be cashless.  Eftpos machines will be available and books can be paid for online.