Need To Know !

Cross Country

Week 3 Wednesday 2nd May

Caulfield Park

8/9-10 yo 2 km

11-12/13 yo 3 km


9.45am start

Race 1

8, 9, 10 year girls


Race 2

8, 9, 10 year boys





Race 3

11 year girls


Race 4

11 year boys


Race 5

12, 13 year girls


Race 6

12, 13 year boys


Caulfield Junior College and David Southwick MP are holding an ANZAC Day service on Tuesday 24th April. The service will take place at the cenotaph in Caulfield Park at 2:30pm. Parents, friends and community members are invited to join us for this special event. We will return to school following the service.

You can support the Returned Services League by purchasing a badge or wristband from the school office.

School is closed on ANZAC Day – Wednesday 25th April.


Thank you to all the families who contributed to the corn/chickpea drive for the chickens. We gathered a large number of tins that will see us through several weeks. Congratulations to Jasmine Auslender and Noah Muldoon who won the blankets in the raffle.

A big thank you also to those who cared for the chickens during the school holidays. They were well looked after and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Environment News

This week has seen the beginning of some exciting plans to care for our school grounds and become more environmentally active. Each class is in the process of electing an environment representative; these students will be recognised in next week’s newsletter.

Green tip: Many electronic items consume energy even when they’re not being used. This is called ‘phantom energy’ and it can add up to 10% to your electricity bill. Save electricity and money by switching appliances off at the wall when you're not using them.

Notices that went home this week

-5/6 Winter Sports (6 Fridays from 04.05) - $50 – Forms and Payment strictly due by 27th April

-1/2 Wild In Action (10.05.18) - $12 - Forms and Payment strictly due by 3rd May.

- All school ANZAC Day Ceremony (24.04.180 – No cost - Forms strictly due by 20th April. Due to their swimming program, Prep B, Prep C, 1D, 1E, 2E, 2F won’t be attending this ceremony.

- 3-6 Cross Country, 2/5/18. No cost. Form due 25/4/18.