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Environmental tip

Do you want to care for the environment and help communities in need? Of course you do! Who Gives A Cr*p makes toilet paper, tissues and paper towels from recycled paper and fast growing bamboo, eliminating the need for trees to be cut down. Instead of plastic packaging, they use recycled paper, which can be used for drawing or note taking before being recycled. In addition to being environmentally friendly, WGAC donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for disadvantaged communities. Check out their website at


Notices that went home this week:



Notices previous:

5/6 Scienceworks,  Wednesday 27th June, $23,  due 20th June. 

PREP Healesville Sanctuary, 15/6/18, $45 due 6th June

1-2 Healesville Sanctuary, 13th June, $38 due 6th June


School Photos

School photos have been delivered. Please contact Arthur Reed Photography for any possible issues.  (03) 5243 4390<>


Library News - Term 3, 27th August to 3rd September. Lamont Book Fair.