From our Parents' Committee,



Friday, 25th August – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the BER

Do you have a collection of books which are in excellent condition and of learning value that your children have outgrown?  Why not come along to our book swap and swap them for something different?

Drop off between Tuesday, 22nd August until Thursday, 24th August 8:50-9:10am at the office.

Please bring your books at that time as a volunteer will sign in your books and arrange your swap tokens.

This is a new concept we are trialling:

             Maximum swap of 4 books per family

             Books must be in good condition, no more than 10 years old

             No magazines or activity books

             No donations - book swaps only.  Each book dropped off will receive a swap token.

             Children’s books only - books to be sorted into the following categories:

               Prep-Grade2 level / Grade 3-4 level / Grade 5-6 Level.

             All languages are welcome - language books will only be swapped for the same 


We are proposing that we need a minimum of 60 books per language for this to work and ask all those interested in participating to let their Class Convenor know how many books they think they would like to swap.

We look forward to creating this event with you.


Friday, 1st September

Father's Day Breakfast Bookings open this Wednesday on QKR.

Please see your class convenor communication for more information


Friday, 15th September 3:30-4:30

Please see your class convenor communication for more information


earn and learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn is back!  Woollies are giving everyone the chance to get involved and earn some amazing new educational equipment for our School.

To get involved on behalf of CJC simply:

  Shop at Woolworths where you will get 1 Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 you spend;

  Simply drop your collected stickers into the collection Box outside the school front office

Remember - every little bit helps and this is a great way to get involved and to earn some cool stuff for our School and the Kids!

Want to get involved?

The PC is run by a handful of busy people, just like you are.  Here are a few events and ideas that we have in the pipeline. Jump on in and help us out!  Without your support and contribution we cannot run these events:

Book Swap - Friday, 25th August - Book swappers and Volunteers needed

Father’s Day Breakfast - Friday, 1st September -  Volunteers needed

Father’s Day Stall - Friday, 1st September -  Volunteers needed

End of term Cake stall - Rosh Hashana - Friday 15th September - Volunteers and contributions  needed