From Amanda, Rohan and Caroline,

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Student Reports


From 2017, all schools must report against the Victorian Curriculum F-10, which incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victoria’s priorities and standards.


A significant change is the A-E rating of the Victorian Curriculum.  Up until this year, we have used the A-E rating of the Australian Curriculum:


This means many of our students who previously received an A will now receive a B and all of our students who had previously received a B will now receive a C.  It demonstrates the arbitrary nature of an A-E ranking.  For the reports to show student achievement in relation to the indicative level we have removed the A-E rating and in its place quantified students’ progress along the learning continuum. 

For example, in English, this Year 6 student is at:

5.5 for Reading and Viewing which is half way through Year 6 and at level

4.0 for Writing, which is 18 months behind the indicative level of 5.5

6.0 for Speaking and Listening, which is 6 months ahead of the indicative level of 5.5.


In Mathematics, this student is at:

3.5 for Number and Algebra which is two years behind the indicative level of 5.5

4.5 for Measurement and Geometry, which is 12 months behind the indicative level of 5.5

8.0 for Statistics and Probability, which is 30 months ahead indicative level of 5.5.


Other Learning Areas reported on are The Humanities (Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography, History), Science, Technology (Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies), French, Health and Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts.

The Capabilities reported on are Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Personal and Social and Intercultural. 


Prep, Year 1/2 Family Maths Night


On Monday night, our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 families were invited to participate in a ‘Family Maths Night’. Students received a passport on arrival that they took to each activity. Once an activity was completed, students received a ‘stamp’ in recognition and could move onto the next activity. Students were proud to show their families the engaging ways they learn about mathematical concepts. The BER was full of families having fun and learning together. Thank you to everyone for their participation and to the teachers of these year levels for organising the night.


Prep – Year 6 Exhibitions


On Thursday afternoon, students across all year levels presented work from their current units of inquiry. In Prep – Year 2, students proudly displayed their work on their science-based unit on life-cycles and habitats. Year 3 and 4 students reflected on art through history and Years 5 and 6 demonstrated how science and technology impact the world we live in. Our students loved the opportunity to share their learning with their families. Congratulations to all students for the work they produced and thank you to families for attending.


A Chat with Amanda, Rohan and Caroline


On Wednesday, families in Year 3 and 4 were invited into the school for our ‘chat’. Questions that were asked included:


Year 5 and 6 class structure for 2018

How the Science and History disciplines are taught and how often

Homework expectations

How the student planners are used in relation to organization and homework


We thank families for taking the time to and participate in our ‘chat’.


Gilles Farewell 30th of June at 2.00pm


Une assemblée spéciale, le 30 juin à 14h, sera organisée pour remercier Gilles avant son départ à la retraite. Gilles a passé plus de 18 ans au sein de l’école et a connu plusieurs générations d’élèves. Toute la communauté est invitée à participer à cet événement.


A special assembly will be organized on June 30th at 2:00 pm to thank Gilles before his retirement. Gilles spent more than 18 years in the school and worked with several generations of students. The entire community is invited to participate in this event.




Un plan de renouvellement des fonds de la bibliothèque française vient de débuter. Un grand nombre de livres trop anciens a déjà été retiré et sera remplacé chaque trimestre par des classiques de la littérature, des albums, des romans pour ados et des documentaires en lien avec le thème des projets de chaque cycle (Unit of Inquiry). Nous attendons avec impatience de découvrir les nouveaux titres !

A plan to renew the books of the French library has just begun. A large number of older books have already been withdrawn and will be replaced each term by classics of literature, picture fiction, teen novels and reference books linked to the Unit of Inquiry. We look forward to discovering the new titles!

Parents' Committee Morning Tea for Staff

Thank you so very much to Mathew Thompson and the Parents' Committee for the lovely morning tea that was arranged for the staff last Wendnesday.  What a lovely idea.  It was so appreciated by all.