Welcome to Caulfield Junior College

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1st September            School Council Meeting

3rd September            Districts Athletics at Duncan McKinnon

4th September            Father’s Day Stall

5th September             Yrs. 3 & 4 Excursion – IMAX

8th September             Junior Rockers Performance at Senior Assembly MPR 9am

8th September            Yrs. 1 & 2 Incursion – Billy Cart Science

8th September            Yrs. 5 & 6 Dance Show MPR 5pm

18th September          FSE Projet d’Ecole Meeting Parents and Staff 3:45pm

19th September          Crazy Hair Day & Footy Day

19th September          PC Honey Cake Stall

19th September          END OF TERM – 2:30pm Dismissal



Term 2: 22nd April - 27th June

Term 3: 14th July - 19th Sept

Term 4: 6th Oct - 19th Dec